Brenda C. Hill: What inspired you to reveal your personal life struggle so candidly in a book?

Michael Ditton

Michael Ditton

Michael Ditton: I wanted others to know they were not alone when it came to adversity. That if you keep pushing forward, dream, plan and act, they too will get through it. I wanted to inspire them by sharing.

What has changed since the day you wrote the first word?

Life has been a continued adventure, most of which has been incredible.   However, I have had significant health issues over the past few years. Last year I lost my partner of 23 years, and ended up in a place I have never been mentally and hope never to go there again. It was my outlook on life, never giving up, creating new dreams, setting new goals, realizing adjustments needed to be made, making new plans and putting them in motion that brought me out of the despair I had found myself in.

I know you set goals. My fellow writers want to know your writing process?

For me it was to just get it all out of my head and sort it out afterwards. I also relied on others who have much more knowledge than me and opening my mind to allow myself to take it all in, digest it and use what I learned and what worked for me. I also relied on several professionals for editing and input, all with different backgrounds, views and outlook on my story and how I should share it. They all had one common goal, that it remain my voice.

What has been your favorite experience so far that stems from publishing your book?

The feedback and effect I have had on others. Although a relatively new book, the overwhelming response has been incredible. I have also exceeded my goal of helping at least one person by sharing my story.With that said, I have set a new goal now of helping as many people as I can—hundreds, thousands, millions.


Dreams Goals & Adventures

Dreams Goals & Adventure

Please tell us about your upcoming California coast book tour?

My plan is for the entire month of October 2016 to start in Central California and head south to San Diego visiting as many book stores as I can possible manage introducing Dreams, Goals and Adventure and myself, getting to know my readers, share my story and sign as many books as I can.

How did your final editor (Marie) help you to reach the finish line?

When I submitted to my publisher I was told they thought it was more a memoir than a self-help and if I put it with the self-help genre I may have dissatisfied readers. As a memoir I was looking at 10/100 readers versus closer to 100/100 as a self-help, which is what I was after. They did however mention if I made a few changes I would appeal more to the self-help reader. Marie and I brainstormed and came up with a solution and game plan to make sure it fit within their suggestions.

I am hoping you have future book in mind? Please share it with us.

In 2008 when I started writing this book it was titled From Broke to Retired in 10 Years and it was more of a how to book. It was right as the stock and housing market started to deteriorate. People were losing their jobs, and their homes. That is when it morphed into Dreams, Goals and Adventure –A story everyone could relate to, a story of hope and inspiration. I wanted the readers to never lose sight of their dreams. So, I would like to pick up and run again with BTR10 along with other inspirational, motivational and books of healing. And, I would love to publish “The Master of the 20 minute Meal”. I love cooking and as a busy professional I developed hundreds of quick, easy, good for you and delicious meals.

Is there anything I didn’t ask that you want to add that will help other writers achieve their goals?

I will have to think on this one.

Thank you very, very much Michael, it was a pleasure being able to share more about you with our readers.

You can read my review of Michael’s book Dreams, Goals and Adventure on this link or purchase it on Amazon.

Here is some additional information on Michael.

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