Here are two successful slogans that I feel help you and others work towards success:

“Together we can make it happen!”
When you work as a team, client, partner, or employee, the combined effort can produce great results.

“Our ideas make a difference!”
I’ve always believed that everyone has some great ideas, they just need to feel comfortable getting them out. Granted, some ideas are better than others, but many times, a combination of ideas is what really generates great results.

I have always considered myself an “idea person.” I vividly remember when a client added a word to a slogan (over 25 years ago) and it was perfect. It put the slogan over the top in effectiveness.

I was delighted with the results, but disappointed in myself that I had not thought of it or stretched my mind further. That year, I went back to “Creative Problem Solving,” in Buffalo, NY for my fix. Ideas come to me so fast, I knew I was settling instead of pushing myself.

But that lesson taught me the importance of listening to other ideas, accepting they can be better than mine, and stretching my own mind to keep thinking outside the box.

When the Hill Team works together, we push each other and the results are positive.

Maralyn D. Hill, President

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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