Following Liz Palmer of Boutique Champagne Houses is new for me. When I put a request out to interview, authors, writers, bloggers, publishers, and especially those who enjoyed food, wine and travel, Liz responded. I’m delighted she did as she covers one of my favorite sips, champagne.

Liz Palmer

Liz Palmer

Please introduce yourself: provide some background, i.e. where are you from, how did you start writing, is there anything specifically interesting about you? If you had another career first, how/why did you switch to writing?

My initial career was a Law Clerk, and during the past three years (because of my love of wine and writing) I slowly fazed into my second career as a Travel and Wine Writer.

I am currently an Apprentissage Sommelier, Chairman of PCYC Wine Committee, a wine consultant, educator, trainer and writer. I currently write monthly wine columns on news and trends for Credit Notes, Rob Roland & Associates, “Rob Report”, GAM on Yachting,, and monthly wine articles for HEART Business Journal for Women®, Toronto Waterfront Magazine and is International Correspondent for China Wine News. I taste thousands of wines annually at various events around the world.  I am a member of The Society of Wine Educators, Writers Net, Wine Writers Network, Immedia, TravelWriters.Com, International Sommelier Guild member, a member of Women in International Trade, a member of French Wine Society and most recently became a member of the American Media Photographers, Inc.

What is the focus of your writing?

Travel and Wine.  I am currently working on an ebook, Champagne App and a series of books on boutique Champagne houses.

How did you get started writing?

I started the sommelier course three years ago and I tested the water by writing newsletters.

Did you have something specific that inspired you to write in this genre?

Re:  Champagne – my first assignment trip to Aube two years ago and discovering the history and feeling the passion of the growers, owners and workers.

Do you also blog or have a website?

Yes, my blog is Champagne and Travels from Liz Palmer and my web site is

Do you query for assignments before you write or after the article is done?


Can you comfortably recommend any publications looking for freelancers?

Yes. My suggestions would be any “Snap” newspaper in Ontario, GAM on Yachting, and Heart Business Journal for Women.

Are you a freelancer or on staff?



What is your approach to research?

Read and gather as much as I can, then dig in and write (with no interference).

Have you learned any inside tips along the way you could recommend to writers starting out?

To be active on social media sites and get your name/brand out there.

What are your favorite type of books and authors? What intrigues you about them?

Unique wine and travel books.

Where can readers learn more about you?

Liz Palmer
Travel and Wine Writer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter:   @champagnehouses

For all of you champagne lovers out there, Liz seems to be the one to follow. I’d encourage you to keep up with her activities. I also found her website quite informative. It covers so much about champagne and wine worldwide with great photography.

If any of you authors, writers, publishers, bloggers on food, wine or travel would like to be interviewed, send me an e-mail at

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