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Eat What You LOVE!

I agree with Andrea’s philosophy about eating what we love. It works for me. After reviewing her best selling book last year, I have followed her career. For our readers who live near Calgary, Andrea will present her inspiring free workshop event on 4/5/16. Are you eating what you LOVE? I’ve eaten chocolate every day since I was 14 years old. It used to be a Kit Kat bar or a box of Smarties (clearly that would now be part of my 20% OTHER foods). I still eat chocolate every day. Yes, that’s right. I learned how to upgrade all the foods I love so I can eat them often and still have the body and life I desire. (Now it’s part of my 80% HEALTHY EATING). I make delicious, raw, organic chocolate in all my favourite flavours. It takes about 20 minutes to make a batch, and I enjoy eating it daily. I want to share this so you can enjoy chocolate every day! You see, I’ve helped thousands of people all across North America create peace with food so that cheating isn’t a part of their lives. They now understand they can eat ALL the foods they love by using simple shifts, upgrades, and 80/20. I’d love to help you too. Do you want to eat chocolate every day? I’m inviting you to learn how you...

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Book Reviews: Sea Glass and the Pilot’s Wife

Sea Glass and the Pilot’s Wife are two of my favorite books by Anita Shreve. I nearly married a pilot and have always wondered what life would have been like. Whether or not you have ever been betrayed, this 1998, yet timeless novel, will absorb you. No wonder Oprah chose this one for her Book Club.From the minute Kathryn, the pilot’s wife, opens her door to the unthinkable, we begin to ponder the question. How well do we really know another person?Another hard to put down story is a gripping tale of a young couple beginning their life in an old beach house. Like Honora, I have roamed the windy Atlantic seacoast collecting smooth chips of sea glass. A perfect beach read, Shreve’s characters are as lovely and dramatic as the watercolor shades of the sea glass she saves. The author has a gift of absorbing the reader in every story.   Brenda C. Hill International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association Society of Professional Journalists California Writers Club Books By Hills Success With Writing  Where and What in the World Event Blogger with Amigos de La Cruz for the Vallarta Tribune, covering entertainment, art, culture, and news for Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta. Finalist in the Writing and Publishing category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, “$uccess, Your Path to a Successful...

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Author Interview with Michael Ditton

  Brenda C. Hill: What inspired you to reveal your personal life struggle so candidly in a book? Michael Ditton: I wanted others to know they were not alone when it came to adversity. That if you keep pushing forward, dream, plan and act, they too will get through it. I wanted to inspire them by sharing. What has changed since the day you wrote the first word? Life has been a continued adventure, most of which has been incredible.   However, I have had significant health issues over the past few years. Last year I lost my partner of 23 years, and ended up in a place I have never been mentally and hope never to go there again. It was my outlook on life, never giving up, creating new dreams, setting new goals, realizing adjustments needed to be made, making new plans and putting them in motion that brought me out of the despair I had found myself in. I know you set goals. My fellow writers want to know your writing process? For me it was to just get it all out of my head and sort it out afterwards. I also relied on others who have much more knowledge than me and opening my mind to allow myself to take it all in, digest it and use what I learned and what worked for me. I also...

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Book Reviews – two inspiring new authors

The day I left my U.S. Home on January 1, it was 28 degrees. Arriving in a rustic, Mexican seaside village for a month was a dream realized. I chose two beach reads, as I headed for a remote sun-drenched stretch of sand. My first choice was a newly released book, Dreams, Goals and Adventure, by Michael Ditton. I immediately related to the book cover of a little red wagon. I too, had a red wagon as a child. I remember dragging my little treasures along behind me. Having spent most of my adult life moving from here to there, with too many possession for my wagon, drew me Michael’s story. After Michael returned from Desert Storm, it was a low point in his life. He was broke, jobless, and his marriage had crumbled. However he re-discovered a way to set and follow goals that had worked for him since childhood. A few of his measurable goals are: How to live life as an adventure, eliminate the word can’t, set and reach small steps to spring forward from failure. It took many years and hard work, yet Michael achieved his goal to live his dream life as a successful author in a life style he could only imagine. Michael recently presented a workshop on goal setting at the La Cruz Writers Group near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In October he begins his...

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In One End And Out The Other: A straightforward guide to everyday nutrition

Book Review I simply loved this book by Andrea Karen Thatcher. I began reading to get a gist of the subject, and then finished it at once. When I finished it, I felt I knew the author. Like the title, her words are straight forward. Andrea tells it like it is, with honesty and humor. I believe her passion for her subject, inspiring healthy lifestyles, is what sets her apart. Andrea is a damn good writer. How I wish I had read Thatcher’s book  before we Hill’s published our first culinary book. Andrea has inspired me to grow a garden with green ingredients. Now I pick fresh organic lettuces, kale or spinach leaves, celery, cucumber and parsley. After adding a green apple and blending, I have the ideal breakfast, lunch, or healthful snack. More than a book, In One End…is a joyful journey. You can order on Amazon: Brenda C. Hill International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association Books By Hills Success With Writing  Where and What in the World Finalist in the Writing and Publishing category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, “$uccess, Your Path to a Successful...

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