Digital Promotion – Work Made Easy  By Alana Woods

Gone are the days when you had to hire a promotion company to produce different kinds of complex promotional materials for your product to be marketed effectively. If you had written a book, a promotion company ensured that your name as a book author was known across a wide audience. Those days aren’t completely passé, but outsourcing your work to a marketing and promotion company is not the only solution you have nowadays when it comes to marketing your book and your name as an author. Thanks to the wide variety of channels of promotion available on the internet, you can now easily promote your book on your own. You don’t need to pay a huge sum to a marketing company to get known across the masses. Book Fair

You need to be adept, however, in finding out which modes of online book marketing will fetch you success and in the fastest possible manner. Marketing a book online in the form of an EBook is something all authors want to do nowadays. The novice and naïve authors specially want to dabble into EBook promotion in order to increase their chances of visibility and improve book sales. This is because these authors are finding it difficult to convince big publishers to accept their works.

Smart EBook Promotion – For Easy Entry

While entry into the book writing genre is lowered, sustaining here is difficult. Everybody comes, but all don’t stay. And those who stay must have works of saleable quality, uniqueness in their tone of writing, ability to connect with the readers, and work that is beneficial to the masses. Nobody has got the time and interest to go through just about anything scrawled across pages and pages of a book. When there is so much to choose from, you need to strive hard in being unique.

Many a time, the success of a book lies not in its content but in the way it is promoted. EBook promotion, though fast catching up, needs to have a strategic touch to it. The numbers of marketing channels and avenues of promotion for books are more than ever today, however, to know what method to use and when is key. When it comes to marketing and promoting a book, you also need to consider the cost factor. Chalking out a marketing plan which bears you most the success with the least monies is real success.

Avoiding Major EBook Goof-ups

Creating an EBook that is awkward in design and appearance and clumsy to download and read is a surefire recipe for failure. People won’t care to read something that will take ages to open and scroll even if it is a bestseller. Create an EBook that appeals to readers’ comfort and taste. Create cover pages that are interesting and strike readers’ fancy. Dull and flavorless titles are not even paid a second look. Titles that capture your readers’ interests give you the first-level entry into their hearts. Content is definitely the next best and the most sustaining factor. But, the way you promote your EBook is the front door entry into the industry, and a smart EBook promotion strategy is the quickest way to achieve that.

Recently, I came across an EBook that was a bestseller, but its cover page was blurred, and design was not visible. When I opened it on my laptop, the pages behaved in a slow and clumsy fashion; although I had heard a lot about the book from all my friends and was tempted to read it, the technical difficulties made me delete the PDF version of the EBook after reading few pages. Though this was a free copy of EBook, I made sure I let it go to the recycle bin. I thought EBooks make your reading activity much easier and leisurely. But, this whole thing was a turn-off for me. So, while promoting your EBook, you must take care not to ignore these seemingly minor mistakes, which can have a devastating impact on reducing your readership.

Another mistake I had found was of errors in spellings and sentence framing. The proofing wasn’t done perfectly. And for a bestselling author’s book, this is a huge shame! So, while promoting your book through online means, do not forget to treat it the way you send it to a large publisher for print publishing. If you want EBooks to be treated and respected on par with printed books, make sure the editing, designing, layout, structure, content, and promotion are carried out with equal consideration. If you ignore these, your EBook will be taken as a cheap version of printed books, which only children will want to read.

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