PubMatchAre you itching to write a book? Do you have an idea that you think has the potential to sell like

hot cakes? Are you nervous at the same time thinking that your venture could be
an utter failure? Writing a book for the first time requires patience and a
large dose of hope. Even if you are rejected and rebuked harshly, you must keep
up the level of optimism high enough to not get let down by failures. Many can
become a writer; but not everybody can become a book author.

If you are a writer
and wish to have a transition into an author with remarkable writing skills and
ideas that appeal to the masses, these are few tips you need to follow:

Book Writing Tips:

1.       Think
: By letting your
imagination run high and lofty, churn out an idea or concept for your book which
you strongly feel about. Don’t worry about the weaving part of the story or
novel. Once you start writing, ideas flow into your mind, and you can always
structure them correctly later. The most important thing is to open the tap of
your mind. Remember that no idea is foolish if you can please people with it.

2.       Focus
on a genre
: Don’t dabble with different
topics for your first book. Select a genre you are best at, and start gathering
ideas. If you wish to write a 200-500 page book on children or fiction, have a
clear picture of the book’s structure in your mind. Thinking may not be an
organized activity, and it should not be for a creative writer. But, structured
working will help you write your chapters faster preventing any confusion that
arises when you work haphazardly. You can always make changes later if new
ideas strike, keeping the framework of the book unchanged.

3.       Know
Your ‘High’ Time
: Every writer has a
time in a day when they get the most creative ideas in mind and can perform at
their best. Don’t sit the whole day writing your book. Even if you do, you
won’t be able to do your best. Find out your ‘High’ time. Some people can think
their best in the morning. Some are at peace at night, and so they start scribbling
whatever thoughts come to their mind. Give your brain its food; Studies
indicate that a brain that is deprived of water and glucose starts getting
foggy and fatigued. You can definitely not write with such a state of mind. 


DIY Book Publishing

If you are rather skeptical that a big
publisher will want to accept your manuscript and publish your book, you can do
it yourself for the first time. Once you have published a book either in the
form of a printed book or EBook, you shift into the category of ‘somewhat
experienced authors’. This could change the mindset of Global publishers who may now think of
accepting your manuscript. Some publishers are not open to accepting titles of
new authors.

Book publishing on your

own is a good idea; this activity will help you learn a lot about the
publishingindustry. Outsourcing saves time,
and it is for the smart and experienced book author. But, for a first-timer,the best learning happens when
you do it yourself.

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