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Delray Beach, Florida, April 29, 2014…Now available from Amazon is Helen Brower’s newly published, sizzling mystery e-book, “Rehab Is Murder.”

Helen Brower, a well established travel journalist, has had an enduring passion for the mystery novel.  She has now combined her talents for travel writing and love of intrigue in a newly published novel “Rehab Is Murder”.

“Lots of friends ask me how a long-time travel writer came to write a mystery novel.” Helen explained.  “Although I had thoroughly enjoyed my globe-trotting days as a travel writer, I had always secretly harbored a desire to try my hand at fiction. Still, it wasn’t until I had been living in Delray Beach, Florida for several years that an article in the New York Times set the ball rolling and a lifelong fan of mystery novels became a mystery writer,” Helen explained.
“The focus of the article was on Florida’s appeal not just as a world-famous vacation destination, but also as a treatment center for substance abusers.  What really caught my attention, however, was its description of Delray Beach as ‘the recovery capital of America.’  Wow, who would have guessed?
The article went on to explain what made Delray, with its sociable, small-town atmosphere, an oasis for addicts seeking a cure, but more to the point, it had sparked my imagination and set it spinning off in an exciting direction that would culminate in the suspenseful plot of my first novel.  And the title? Well, that virtually presented itself: “Rehab Is Murder.”

The central character, legendary stage actress Madeline Vaughan, is on the verge of having Broadway’s vicious gossip hounds destroy her long and brilliant career by exposing her “little secret”–her not-so-little drinking problem.  Before they can do their worst, however, the glamorous star makes a speedy escape to South Florida’s most luxurious recovery center where she hopes its team of experts will do what they’ve done for dozens of her fellow celebrities–cure her of her addiction and do it safely away from the prying eyes of the New York tattletales’ local spies.

The treatment seems to be working and the posh facilities and glorious surroundings only enhance her growing sense of well-being.  But Madeline soon discovers that beneath the sparkling Florida sunshine lie some dark secrets.  The brilliant and beautiful psychiatrist who runs the center divides her affections between her movie star husband and her seductive operations manager who’s taken it upon himself to entertain the female guests.  But not everybody is amused by the sexy shenanigans. Before long, violent passions explode and someone ends up dead.

“Rehab Is Murder” is available from Amazon’s Kindle Store in e-book format for $3.99.

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Helen Brower is a native New Yorker who’s lived in South Florida for the past 15 years.   She had a long and successful career as a freelance writer, contributing articles and commentary to major travel and lifestyle publications. She’s written numerous  travel books featuring destinations as varied as New York and Japan. In addition to traveling the globe, Helen has lived in several European capitals, including Amsterdam and Rome.  She’s a certified culture vulture and is especially passionate about classic movies, theater and the visual arts.

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For more information about Helen’s e-book, “Rehab Is Murder”, it is available on Amazon’s Kindle Store site  and is priced at $3.99.  To contact Helen, please call  561-638-1268 or email

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