Set your writing goals realistically.

Many times, someone will say, I’m going to write a book this year?

When, how long, have your started or done research, who is your market?

Consider saying, “I’m go to spend 2 hours a week working on my book.”

Now you may be able to spend 10 hours a week or 40, which is great. But many who want to write a book, have not allocated time to start writing.

If time is an issue, start small. Don’t wait until you have time. Schedule time. Even if you journal 10 minutes a day on the topic you want to write, it will help you pull your book together.

Brenda and I spend a long time collecting the information we want to include, and then get fired up like crazy to put it together.

Do what works for you, just do it. Be sure to sign up for our posts to come e-mail or rss if you enjoy them. If you have any tips, we are always happy to receive your thoughts.

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