This excerpt is from “Success, Your Path to a Successful Book,” by Maralyn D. Hill & Brenda C. Hill

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” Arnold H. Glasow

We have written the book that we wished we had read.

Unlike our previous publications, written for ourselves and the many chefs from around the world, this one is for you, the writer.

Addressed are many of the questions that have been asked at writers’ workshops and seminars.

We designed $uccess as a workbook to help guide you through the process of writing your own book with tools we’ve learned along the way. With each book and article, we have learned something new. We know there is more to learn.

Hopefully, after reading and working on the exercises that apply to your particular field and interest, you will avoid some of our time-consuming and costly learning experiences that we, and other new writers, have lived through.

Maralyn D. Hill & Brenda C. Hill
International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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