The following excerpt is from “Success, Your Path to A Success Book,” by Maralyn D. Hill & Brenda C. Hill.

Creative Sources

  • Andrei G. Aleinikov, Ph.D., Megacreativity—This is full of quizzes and exercises that will help you think outside the box.

  • V&C Crowley, Free Your Creative Spirit—This book helps you discover your talents in a manner that will help you with self-expression.

  • Sam Harrison, Ideaspotting—This helps you think outside the box, like the 9 dot square. Harrison provides insights into your using the creative process.

  • Simon Joinsonm, 101 Great Things to do with Your Digital Camera—Understand your camera and add spice to your photos.

  • Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird—National best seller that deals with tackling writing one bird at a time. First published in 1995, it is one of the most recommended books by writers of all ages and genres.

When Anne spoke at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, she held the audience captive. I love all of her books, but Bird is the bible for learning the writing process from A to Z.

  • Eric Maisel, Ph.D.,Coaching the Artist Within—This book will help you coach yourself and use your creativity.

  • Eric Maisel, Ph.D., Creativity for Life—Helps those who experience blocks in balancing life difficulties. Dr. Maisel is a creativity coach.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Creative Mind System 2-CD Set—Provides music that helps you better access your creative abilities.

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