I’ve come accross an artist, Carl Warner, of Kent, England, who thinks outside the box. His work is not so abstract that it is difficult to understand, but realistic. When view a huge selection of his paintings, I decided to focus on his “foodscapes” as they are creative in every sense.

Can you tell what else makes up this forest? Look closley. Those mountains in the background are bread framed by cauliflower clouds. The path that runs through the broccoli forest is paved with cumin. You may also notice the peas that hang from the broccoli trees. The grass looks like parsley, but I’m not sure on that one.

You can purchase prints of Carl’s “foodscapes” online at LensWall. They ship worldwide.

In an case, that is your creative break. I’ll put up more “foodscapes” in the future. Time to get back to writing. The best way to get your writing done is to write.

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