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Creative Brain Teaser

I don’t know who to credit with this great puzzle. My cousin sent it to me and I liked it, as once I got through the first two sentences it became easy and fun. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to the once who created it. Good...

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Writers’ Block: The Symptoms and the Cure

The other day I had a writing deadline. I wrote a lead. Deleted it. Wrote another. Deleted it. Played some solitaire. Checked my email. Wrote a third lead. Deleted it. Got a snack. Wrote a fourth lead. I was suffering from that dread disease, Writer’s Block. If you haven’t experienced Writer’s Block, you just haven’t been writing long enough. Believe me, it will happen to you.

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Children’s Book Series Spark a Lifelong Love of Reading

Solving mysteries one letter of the alphabet at a time, Ruth Rose Hathaway, Dink Duncan and Josh Pinto never cease to entertain in all 26 titles of the A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. Younger readers easily relate to the nine year old sleuths’ antics while parents admittedly miss the trio’s sleuthing as their children grow older. My Apricot Hill had the pleasure of speaking to Ron Roy who provided us with insight into the inspiration behind his series.

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