When you look at this weeks photo, say what you see. Something that is quite popular at the present time.

The photos I’m using the next few weeks are from Worth 1000. If you visit the Worth 1000 site, their photography is wonderful.

Do you like these thought provoking photos? I hope so, as I really like to spend some creative time each day.

Brenda and I have had a crazy week. Our book, $uccess, Your Path to a Successful Book, was just released. Last week we had a radio interview and wonderful review on Southwest Blend, a writing workshop, and prepared a video of us preparing a holiday turkey for nine. Everything went better than expected. So, we’re flying high right now.

Norm has his radio interview for Winner and Final Chairman this coming Friday at 11:45 PDT. The Hill Team is on a roll.

OK, now time for the answer. The photo is ipods.

Your comments are always appreciated.

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