Some readers of the SuccessWithWriting Blog may be interested in this upcoming writing class:
Non-Fiction Writing: How to Transform Interesting Ideas into Compelling Prose 
A 6-Hour Teleseminar with Jean Moroney
Saturday, August 8, 2015 and Sunday August 9, 2015
12:00 noon – 3:30 p.m. ET  (6 hours total plus breaks)
Writing is a challenging form of communication. In conversation, you can catch misunderstandings and clarify your intentions. You can get immediate feedback and check to see if you got your message across. In writing, you need to anticipate questions and confusions. You need to figure out how to interest the reader, without knowing exactly who he or she is. There are many possible problems:
  • Are you sometimes paralyzed trying to put words on paper? That’s classic writer’s block.
  • Do you find writing time-consuming and frustrating? 
  • Do people misunderstand what you write, even though it makes sense to you?
  • Are you worried that your writing is boring or wordy or otherwise off-putting?
If you have any of these problems, I sympathize. I have had all these and more. In the Non-Fiction Writing Teleseminar, you will learn a reliable process to take the strain and frustration out of writing. 
During the sessions, you will work through a writing project, using the 30-page Non-Fiction Writing Handbook. Later in the month, there will be an open Q&A call.
Read more and register here: