Today we are fortunate to have a chance to meet Glynn Burrows, his background and how he got started blogging and how it helps him.
Maralyn: Please introduce yourself: provide some background, i.e.where are you from, how did you start writing, is there anything specifically interesting about you?
Glynn: Hi, I’m Glynn and I am a Norfolk man, through and through. I was brought up in a small village and after attending the local primary school and subsequently, the local grammar school, I went on to study catering at the technical college in King’s Lynn. The catering industry allowed me to travel around the county as well as France, but I returned to my own area to settle. I married in 1983 and I have had various jobs over the years, but knowing deep down, that I should be working in the history field. I decided to take that large step and it has proved to have been the right thing to do as I have never felt as happy in my work as I do today.
Maralyn: What is your most recent tour? Tell us a bit about it. If there is a tour you have developed, tell us about it.
Glynn: My latest tour was for a group of four ladies who wanted to visit the spiritual places of East Anglia and it was fascinating for me to see the county that I love so much, from a different viewpoint. (I usually look at the historical and natural aspects of the area, but to look at the spiritual side, was enlightening.) At their special request, we took a day-trip to York, which was a long day, but well worth the effort. Norfolk-Tours is happy to take them to where they want to go, as it is my guests who are on holiday and it is their vacation. I have taken visitors to: York, Stratford-upon-Avon, Colchester, Ipswich, Cambridge, Dedham, Flatford and Hatfield House, as well as many other small places too.
I have developed some tours into suggested days out for people who want to see the area, but with no specific ideas about what they want to see. One such day is the tour starting at King’s Lynn; Parking on the West bank of the river, we take the ferry over into the town and look around the historic areas, taking in the Churches, Museums, Quayside, Custom House and Market Places as well as some very quaint streets and buildings. I like to talk about the living conditions in the town in the past and visit a tiny fisherman’s cottage which is part of the True’s Yard Museum. There is ample time for shopping if that is needed and lunch in one of the many excellent restaurants in the town or one of the pubs. After lunch, we go back on the ferry and then off to Castle-Rising, a fantastic Castle in earthworks, once the home of an English Queen and a perfect example of how a castle worked. A trip out to Hunstanton to see the coast and views over the Wash, one of the few places on the East coast where you can watch the sun set over the sea! Then, off to the accommodation in time for the evening meal.
Maralyn: What can you share with others as to important tips or suggestions for others on writing and publishing or blogging?

Glynn: My best tip is to just do it.
Maralyn: How did you get started in your position?
Glynn: I realised that this life isn’t a practice and if I wanted to do something I should do it.
Maralyn: Did you have something specific that inspired you to bring this product to market?
Glynn: I am passionate about my product, which is the most important thing.
Maralyn: How did you get started in your current career and what is the most challenging part?
Glynn: I got started in it when I was a child as I was growing up in my family’s historic home. The most challenging part for me is to undervalue myself.
Maralyn: What is the most difficult part of writing/blogging for you?
Glynn: The most difficult thing is to leave things out. I go into too much detail.
Maralyn: What are you doing to promote and market your tour/s or product?
Glynn: I am trying to get to know lots of people and I am trying to help as many people as I can.
Maralyn: If you are marketing on line, do you find one site more helpful than others?
Glynn: I try not to “market”, I try more to let people know what I do and help others.
Maralyn: What has been your biggest Ahha moment/s in your career?
Glynn: My biggest realisation was that I CAN do what I want to do if I DO IT. I can’t if I don’t.
Maralyn: Where can readers learn more about you and your company or what you have to offer.?
Thanks so much Glynn. It was a pleasure meeting you.
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