Research 2, this excerpt is from $uccess, Your Path to a Success Book

  • by Maralyn Hill and Brenda Hill.

    A research book we like is NTC’s Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions, Second Edition, by Richard A. Spears, Ph.D. which can assist you in adding or deleting expressions you may have. Here is an example:

    “Fizzle [‘fizl] 1. n. a failure; something that sputters away.

  • The whole project was a fizzle.
  • Her first play was no fizzle. 2. in, to fail; to peter out.
  • The whole plan fizzled, and we had to start over.
  • The play began to fizzle in the second act.”

There are many great search engines on the web. I start with Google and if I don’t find it, I move to another. It is interesting to note, Google is now a verb in the dictionary.

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