Here’s a positive way to stimulate this depressing economy while spreading seasonal cheer and the goodwill of the holidays.

Infinity Publishing is offering the perfect gift for writers – Infinity’s Book Publishing Gift Certificate. The cost is $399, which covers the standard, one-time $499 setup fee to publish and distribute the writer’s book.

The $100 discount is Infinity’s way of helping to stretch gift giving dollars and make it possible to give the writers a present that they will remember far into the future, because the author’s book will never go out of print.

Please visit Infinity Publishing.Com for details about this seasonal offer that expires on January 1, 2009.

The Book Publishing Gift Certificate is valid for two years.

If you have any questions after reading about the terms and conditions and reviewing the FAQs please email John Harnish via

The Hill Team likes and uses Infinity Publishing. Our reasoning, they are an independent publisher who also provides POD services. Infinity is known for investing in its authors and provides support over and above what many other firms offer.

Since we think this is such a great gift, we hope you will share this notice with friends who are shopping for a gift for the writer in their life.

The Hill Team
Maralyn, Norm and Brenda
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