This is an excerpt from $uccess.

• When called upon to read, do not describe what you are reading. Simply stand up and begin. We cannot repeat the cardinal rule of writing enough… show, don’t tell.

• Make and practice an elevator speech about your book. That translates to giving a synopsis in 30 seconds or less.

• Take a one page synopsis for the book/s you are going to pitch. Put a brief bio (with publishing credits) on the back of the same page. Agents and publishers do not want a copy of your manuscript at the conference. For good luck, keep a copy in your room.

If you’ve signed up for a pitch session, look up the person online and discover interests.
Know about the agency.

• Be sure to have some marketing ideas ready in case you are asked.

• Don’t be intimidated by the agents and publishers. They are attending a conference because they are interested in finding new material. But, stalking is not suggested.

Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill
Books By Hills