Highland 2, the Mac writing app from The Quote-Unquote Company, led by acclaimed screenwriter and novelist John August, comes loaded with features ready to make a bold statement: You no longer need any other app for your writing needs.

Coming one year after the launch of Highland 2, this update has fulfilled its promises to be not only the best screenwriting app, but the best writing app, period.

“When we first announced Highland in 2012, we billed it as a screenplay utility for converting between formats,” says August, whose screenwriting credits include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish and Aladdin. “But it quickly grew way beyond that. Within the first month, it became my main screenwriting app. It’s fast and flexible. You never have to tell it how to format something. With Highland 2, we took the tools we’d developed for screenplays and applied them to all kinds of documents, from school reports to novels. With 2.5, we’re adding the professional features that let you stay in Highland all the way through production.”

Highland has always been ahead of the curve. In 2018, Highland 2 launched Gender Analysis, a revolutionary tool that calculates the percentage of dialogue spoken by male and female characters in a script, letting writers get a real-time view of their script’s dynamics and balance. Highland 2 was the first app to introduce this tool and won praise from the tech world and Hollywood.

August writes exclusively in Highland, from features to television to the three Arlo Finch novels. “I use Highland every day for actual paid work. I rely on it, so major and minor annoyances get addressed. We’ve also grown a strong community of writers and we take their feedback seriously. Highland 2 is just a better way to write, because it was built by writers for writers.”

For more info about the new update visit www.highland2.app

New features and interface will be revealed by John August at a launch event on June 12th.