Podcast hosting platform, Podomatic, sees growth in podcasts created by independent podcasters.

The growth in podcasting is attributed to several reasons:

For one, podcasts are growing in importance. More listeners are interested in podcasts.

They offer a unique, often local, unbiased view on events. They are a fresh alternative to mainstream media published by a handful of corporations. Podcasts distill deeply personal interests on subjects dear to podcasters and offer non conventional views on a multitude of subjects.

There is a vast variety of Podcasts, be it talk or music, made by different groups. They cover personal, alternate views that foster a deeper relationship built organically between podcasters and their audiences.

They offer anyone with a voice the chance to express their interests and views; whether non-profits who communicate with their audience and donors, professionals to disseminate their expertise or musicians to promote and distribute their music.

Music podcasts offer both amateur and professional musicians a conduit to promote their material, and for listeners a chance to discover new music.

Podcasts can be taken anywhere including in the car, home, while traveling and on mobile devices.Podcasts are inspirational and sometimes save lives! Monty Meyer, the CEO of KHLT Recovery Broadcasting says “I received an email from a new listener recently.  He stated that he was at the end of his rope with his active alcoholism and had made the decision to end his life.
By a total fluke he ended up on our Podomatic website and listened to a show we did some time ago.  He said that night he took the gun out of his mouth and he has been sober now for some time. You are helping us to save lives!  We can’t thank you enough.”

Sloan Wilson, Head of Partnerships and Customer Support says: “Inspirational! Not every company out there can claim they save lives!”

Podomatic helps podcasters flourish by providing the tools to create great content and the freedom to express themselves and be heard.

Podomatic provides podcast publishing and hosting services to podcasters. Founded in 2005 and as the world’s largest community of independent podcasters, Podomatic’s goal is to have the best tools and services to help podcasters flourish.
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