Have you ever thought about how much the contemporary bloggers earn and what an amazing life they live? Have you ever thought: “I can do it as well! Even better!” Then, you need to start writing a blog just now. Will it be successful – we are not sure. However, after reading this article, you will be aware of all the details about how to become a successful blogger. Do you want to find them out? Then keep on reading!

Your Content Has to Be Narrow Focus Specialized

Yes, there are cases when bloggers became successful just posting everything: from traveling to everyday life routine. However, the competition is pretty high nowadays, and you will not surprise anyone with a mediocre post. How to start a blog? You have to be the best in one definite niche. If it is traveling, find the most successful blogs about traveling, and think what they lack and what you would add to them to make them perfect. The topic you are writing about needs to be interesting to read.

Update the Blog Frequently

We would advise you to choose the frequency of your updating the blog. It might be once or twice a week (you will need some time to prepare a qualitative material, right?), but do not even think about making one post in November and another one in January! Your readers have to be constantly reminded of you, but not annoyed. Set up a blog that will provide the readers with information with a definite frequency.


Now when you do not have a million of subscribers and thousands of comments under your posts, you are able to read all of them and reply. It is very important because you thus stay connected to your followers. They might even hint at what they want to see on your blog. In addition, you need to consider connecting your blog to the social networks you are using. For example, if you have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, mention them somewhere at the top of the page so that people who do like you could follow you there as well.

Promote Your Website

This is actually one of the most difficult parts. You might be an expert in what you write, however, you might have no idea how to promote your blog. Here, you have a number of options. You can google and find the bloggers in your niche who are looking for the guest posts – write for them! You will thus get new subscribers if you manage to write a good guest post.

Start an Email Subscription to Your Newsletter

Start your own blog by creating an email list of your subscribers. All you have to do is write something like: “Stay in the loop. Sign up for emails from us!” and leave the space where the follower would leave his/her email. You may think that you yourself would never do that, however, this actually works. If a person likes your blog, there is a high chance that s/he will want to get a notification when the new post is on the blog. By offering this opportunity, you lose nothing but get a chance to remind your followers of yourself frequently.

Do Surveys for Your Followers

You need to engage your audience in communicating with you and being active. The easiest way is to do the simple surveys. Here is how you do it: you ask a simple question and provide the options for the answers. The question might sound like: “Where would you personally would like to travel?”, and the answers might be: “Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.” By clicking the needed answer, the follower feels s/he becomes the part of the community. For you, it is the needed activity from your followers. You can also ask whether or not they liked the recent post. You will thus get feedback on what you are doing.

Joshua Robinson

Author Bio: Joshua Robinson has been working as a freelance writer for http://payforessays.blogspot.com for less than a year, but he is really popular among the clients on the website. His hobbies are riding a bicycle and helping animals from the shelter. Joshua’s motto is: “The writer is by nature a dreamer – a conscious dreamer,” and Joshua absolutely is.

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