By Harry Parsons

Your hometown – it’s a place you know better than you know any other place on earth. You know where all the back roads lead and how to score the best parking spot downtown. You know where to go for the best cheeseburger you’ve ever had and which of the little hole-in-the-wall pubs serves the best martini. You always have a ready answer when someone stops to ask for directions as well.glasses

Even so, there’s always more you can learn about the place you call home and books on various local interests can be a wonderful way to do that. Here we’ll take a closer look at why it’s always an excellent idea to read up on one’s own hometown. You just might learn to see the place you know better than any other through brand new eyes.

  1. Get to Know Key Historical Figures

When you grow up in a given town or have lived there for years, you’re probably familiar with the names of some of the people that made the city what it is. However, if you’re like many, you don’t know all the details of those lives, what brought those individuals to your area, or the full extent of what their contributions really were.

Local interest books on your hometown’s founding fathers, important merchants, and groundbreaking pioneers can help you get to know your city on a whole new level. Learn what things were really like back when your city was brand new. Discover interesting factoids about some of your favorite places and the folks that used to live there. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages were of moving to the area way back when. You’re guaranteed to be glad you did.

  1. Discover Fascinating Local Legends

You’ve probably already heard a handful of the local legends surrounding your hometown, especially when you were growing up. However, there are no doubt many more you’ve never actually discovered first hand. Everyone loves a good story, but nothing prepares you for the unique way you enjoy a story when it involves places, names, and concepts you’re already very familiar with.

Do you live somewhere like Massachusetts or Connecticut that’s considered pivotal in United States history at large? Discover local legends about happenings and little-known individuals that played fascinating roles in American history. Have you always wanted to plan a local ghost hunting weekend? Find out which spots in your town and the ones nearby are reputed to be haunted and get a few friends together for a weekend of spooky fun.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can learn about your own hometown through its unique collection of legends and tales. Pick a topic of interest, locate some books that fit the bill, and take things from

  1. Develop a Greater Cultural Awareness of Your Area

Many people are already familiar with the benefits of learning more about history. You learn about mistakes that were made, triumphs that were experienced, and the relevance of both. You develop a wider understanding of other cultures and points of view as well. As a result, you’re able to look at your country and the whole world through brand new eyes. You can experience the same cultural and historical awakening by studying your hometown in more detail.

Definitely read books written by and about people that are similar to you, but make sure you seek out different points of view as well. Go out of your way to read books written about the significance of other cultures that contributed to your hometown’s unique flavor and spirit. Read up on professions that were important to the growth of your town, but are relatively unknown to you. You won’t believe the way it enhances your appreciation of the area you already know so well.

  1. Really Dig Deep in Regards to Regional Cuisine

If you’re like many people, you not only have your favorite foods, but your favorite local places you go to enjoy the very best versions of those foods. You most likely know the running list of regional favorites like the back of your hand as well. Even so, there’s always so much more to learn about the rich history of a given town’s regional pride and joy – its food.

Start by reading local interest books about the area’s signature cuisine in general. You’ll uncover fascinating information about how your favorite dishes were invented and how they’ve developed into the meals you know and love over the years. You’ll gain an opportunity to learn more about local agriculture, culinary influences brought to the region by immigrants, and so much more. A must-do for any food lover that’s proud of the town they call home!map

  1. Rediscover Your Town Through the Eyes of Its Visitors

There’s nothing quite like gaining a fresh new perspective when it comes to the things you know and love in life. You already know your hometown from the unique perspective of a local. What if you could see it the way a tourist or an out-of-towner sees it – as a whole new experience yet to be had? What if you could gain a deeper understanding of why the families that live there originally settled in the area?

Local interest books give you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to do exactly that. Explore travel journals from people that came to your area decades ago. Find out how a fisherman, a chef, a miner, or an explorer saw your town and made their place there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can learn and discover.

Start by exploring the regional catalog of a respected publisher that specializes in local interest books. (Arcadia Publishing is an excellent example.) Consider a mixture of books that address favorite topics, discuss much loved places, and explore aspects of your city’s history that you may not have considered (or even been aware of) before. It’s sure to be an enriching experience – a way to see your own hometown as if it were a brand new place. Let local interest books expand your horizons in entirely new ways today!

Author: Harry Parsons Arcadia Publishing