Fifth Annual 2015 Ebook Awards Open for Submissions

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Imagine . . . 
Entering your ebook in this award program and:

• Putting an official Nominee “sticker” on your Ebook cover, website, Amazon page, and promotion materials.
• A free listing in Publishing Poynters Marketplace offering copies of your ebook for reviews in prestigious ebook dealers’ sites such as Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and others.
• Entering the Global Ebook Awards comes with a seven-step publicity program. Each week, we show you how to publicize your ebook.
• Media coverage for your ebook and you.
• Winners and finalists will be listed on the official Global Ebook Awards site.
• Winners and finalists may purchase Global Ebook Award certificates attesting to their honor.
• Winners will be announced to the media in news releases.
• Discounts on video trailers for YouTube, Amazon, and your website.
• Discounts on other services for authors and publishers.
• And much more…

To be successful, fiction has to get read.
To be successful, nonfiction has to be brought to the attention of its category audience.
Readers have to read your ebook, love it, and tell someone else.

Multiply Publicity for Your Ebooks

The greatest challenge for ebook authors, both fiction and nonfiction, is getting their ebook known. Known, read, loved, and recommended to others. This is the best publicity: “word of mouth.” The predicament is finding readers interested in your subject. Judges for the Global Ebook Awards select the categories of ebooks in which they have an expertise and want to read. They are avid readers who voluntarily come to your ebook.
See Judging

Enter now:

Being nominated for an ebook award multiplies your investment in more than one way.

Seven promotional opportunities.

Once your ebook is accepted into Nomination, you will receive a promotional opportunity each week for seven weeks. These opportunities will show you where to publicize your ebook’s nomination and how to track the results. You can use these publicity ideas and opportunities for this and all future ebooks.

Post & Promote your ebook

You will be able to post your ebook in the user publicity section of the website. This is another great publicity opportunity for you and your ebook.

More reviews for your ebook.

Many of the more than 250 judges need material for their (category) blogs and some may review your book at Amazon, B&N.com, Midwest Book Review, etc.

Nominated “sticker.” Bring attention to your ebook by placing a Nominated sticker in your blog, website, emails, etc.

Being accepted into Nomination into the Global Ebook Awards is a stepping-stone to more publicity. Publicity projects multiply your investment and maximize publicity for your ebook.

Your ebook will benefit from this fabulous publicity system for just $79 per ebook, per category. Enter now.

The Global Ebook Awards are designed to help you achieve these publicity goals. The Awards are more than a “sticker” they come with a built-in publicity machine. Submitting your ebook for a Global Ebook Award is a publicity investment. Your ebook deserves this exposure. Unlike other award programs we do not charge for our sticker file upon winning an award.

Accepting entries:
Now, from ebook authors and publishers.

Nearly 100 categories:
Based on the number of entrants for each category last year, the categories have been expanded.
See Categories

More than 250 Judges.
We have “category experts” such as book bloggers, editors, reviewers, publishers, authors, book club/reading circle members, and others who love a particular category of book. More judges per category mean more evaluations of your ebook. Some judges review the books they read and some blog about them.
See Judging

Ebook released to the public anytime in 2013, 2014, or 2015

Application deadline:
April 30, 2015 (midnight, Pacific Time).
When ebooks are entered early, more judges will have more time to read and evaluate them.

Winners Announcement:
August 16, 2015

Ebook Resources. This web site is not just about the Global Ebook Awards. It is your resource for everything Ebook. See
Ebook Resources

Submitting your Ebook for a Global Ebook Award is a publicity investment.
Your book deserves this promotion opportunity.

See Global Ebook Awards Home Page

Enter your book(s) now. Give the judges more time to read.

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Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/maralynhill

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