By Flora Cox
Australia consists with a vast range of forest-cover than its landmass for habitats for humans. It mainly consist with the six to seven forest types such as eucalyptus, rain forest , mangrove forest., etc., Though it is an Island that consist with 147 million hectares of forest-cover and it shares its bio-diverse with 457 world forest communities. The biodiversity of Australian forest covers more than above 400 communities. And the species are almost unique.
In Australia, none photographer can return without clicking his camera button on the long jumping animals called kangaroo. This is almost seen all the parts of the country. I keen to say the experience of my wild-life photography experience in Australia. Lyons
My Interest & experience 
• At first, I entered into the forest region called, Brown mountain forest. I scared with the sounds of the powerful owls and quolls. But they are inside their nests.
• The forest area of Brown Mountain consists with a lot of species of flora and fauna. My hands clicked faster and I entered deep inside the cover without my conscious right by the beauty of the Brown angel.
• At their my sight longed around the sky by seeing at most 994 metre tree which is as old as the triple of centuries.

• This is a wild life forest and I snapped samba deer with a chasing tiger. The fox was waiting for catching the rest food by the tiger.
• In a lake, a fellow forest pig was caught by the crocodile without escape.
• The tropical rain forest produces water but the shadow of the trees make the land shabby without evaporating the water. I flashed lights into the deeper black regions.
• Most watchable things in the forest is colourfully painted Butterflies and flying Bats. I learned to catch it while it is flying.
• At that mid-day I did not found any flames of heat as it is a rain forest.

My mind snooked up to take even a leaf to capture in my lens packed box. I am eager to take all the animals. I did not found this type of experience in any of the forest which have been visited there by.
Beautiful moment & Eternal scenes 
When I entered into the Rain cup forest of Australia, there was a little drizzling which made a seven coloured bow shaped semi-ring in the sky. I snapped it with a two to three birds flying inside it.
At the after evening, I got a clear picture of the full moon which snipped every heart. The situation made clear me that wild life such as Tiger, Lion, and Beast deer’s, Pigs, especially kangaroo are the whole soul of the theme of a photographic player.
I enjoyed with that moment as a wild-life photographer. I caught with all the scenes, I had seen. At that time, I felt that why god has not made our eyes to capture those beauty of nature. This Australian Visa made me to make much interested in my hobby and had a lot of experience there.
Flora CoxAuthor Bio:  
Flora Cox, a passionate traveler and blogger who shares her thoughts one various topics she came across. As a solo traveler shares her stories on many blogs. Presently she is working for Australia visa which is a visa service provider.



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