Freelance Writing can be a very fulfilling and profitable experience, if you can actually find the work. Many times it can be hard to start out as an online writer, but once you have integrated yourself into the communities and provide quality content to a few clients, you will start to see more and more interactions with new people looking for a quality writer. So in this article, we are going to cover some of the best places to find online writing jobs.




One of the best places you will get your quality jobs is going to be by interacting with other people through forums. The more time and energy you spend answering questions, creating threads, and being useful, the more authority you will gain within the community. Once you are considered an expert
, people will be much more attracted to you, including clients. Start out by getting involved in writing communities, they will be the most beneficial for you right off the bat. Not only will you be getting to know the writing community, you will be able to learn a lot from them and have any questions you might have answered.

As of right now, there is an unlimited demand for new content on the internet, so don’t just take a job because it’s available. Have standards such as a minimum amount you are willing to accept, refuse certain subjects, and anything else you feel would make your writing experience much better. If you set your standards, then clients will see that and respect it, increasing your overall brand
. You will then start attracting clients that are willing to work with you.

Freelance Specific Websites

All freelancers are looking for more work, its nature. So, of course there are websites
out there that are specifically made to help connect the freelancers and clients. These can be a great place to find your next client, but you should be aware that there is a lot of competition. You will be competing against people that have more experience and other people who are willing to do the work at an extremely cheap price. So how do you gain clients? You have to be unique and catch their attention.

Think of trying to get a client as if you were trying to market a product. There will always be product competition, so you have to take an angle and then penetrate the market. So, do the same thing with yourself on these freelance websites.

Personal Website

You should always have a personal website that people can go to. They should have access to some previous work examples, submit a job request, contact you, and everything else a successful website would have. As your authority get higher, you will have to do less and less marketing because people will know who you are and will start to contact you directly to get work done.


in general are a great way to interact with a target audience. Whether it is your own blog or a popular other blog, most people will be there for the same reason. So for example you are reading a blog about how to hire a freelance writer, you could then comment about the content and have a signature with a link that goes to your website. People that are reading that specific post are most likely trying to hire a writer, and then they happen to click your link.

Sell an E-book

Coming up with an e-book
that is related to your field of expertise can easily make you some money. Make sure though that the e-book is something worth reading and is priced accordingly. If you can get those two aspects down, you won’t have any problems selling an e-book. When it comes to selling an e-book, you are sure to get a few more benefits other than simply making money out of it. First, you have full control over how you are going to promote your e-book and what to do with it. Another benefit would be, you have full control over the prices. This allows you to either increase or decrease the prices over time. Lastly, you would be able to continue providing people more content that they can use.

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