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Positioning your book to entice an international publisher is easier than you might think. There are several inexpensive tools that give an author an edge when going after an international market. International publishers are on a constant quest for new titles coming out of the US, shouldn’t your book at least have a chance to compete.

Why should you consider going global?

The grass is always greener on the other side, right. Look to music. The publishing and music businesses have much in common, think about how many US musicians do better overseas than at home in the US. David Hasslehoff is worshiped as a singer in German-speaking Europe, his skills as a singer are not so popular here in the states. My point is this, get outside of your backyard and think about other opportunities. The world is a big place. Find out where in the world your book might shine the brightest.

Global Distribution

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How to position your book to be discovered by an international publisher?

  1. Global distribution. Make sure your book has global distribution. Your US publisher should have your book listed and available in markets like Canada, Europe, Australia and the newest market (for indie titles) Brazil. If you’ve independently published be sure your book has this exposure, don’t try to save a buck and list at Amazon only. Global distribution will show you are serious.
  2. Pubmatch. One of my favorite international book marketing tools is Pubmatch.com. It provides an author the means to list and market their book to publishers world-wide. You can target specific publishers and give out as much or as little information you like about your book. Every author should invest the time a few bucks to get their titles listed.
  3. International book fairs. For a few hundred dollars your book can be promoted at any one of the international book fairs, like London, Frankfurt or Beijing. Yes, only a few hundred dollars and two copies of your book. Let your book be represented on the shelves of the New Title Showcase and included in their printed and online show catalogs. This is where book buyers, agents, media and yes, publishers go to find out what books are up and coming. I recommend investing in the above listed shows, as well as Book Expo, which is held in NYC annually and is attended by many international publishers. If you have written a children’s book, the Bologna book fair is specifically for children’s titles, so make sure your book is there.
  4. Target specific publishers in other countries. Do your research and find publishers outside the US that make a good fit with your book. Target one new publisher per month and submit a query letter. The more feelers you have out the better your chance of getting picked up. Just as in the US, follow their submission guidelines, many of which can be done online. Make it a point to direct them to your author profile page on Pubmatch.com and let them know to go and see your book at various international book fairs.
  5. Be ready for an offer. Have your ducks in a row. Is your website up to date? Is there a press and/or media section of your interviews on your site? Endorsements and reviews, do you have them on your website and enough on Amazon and Goodreads to show-off what readers really think about your work. There is nothing worse than creating an interest in your book with a publisher and then not being ready to show-off your US success.

When the time comes and a publisher does make you an offer, I recommend that you find an attorney who can help you with your international negotiations. Be sure you retain the copyright and find out what they are going to do to market the book in their native country. The world really is your oyster; you just have to start digging.