I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview Jasmine Stephenson. After college and a job, she switched careers. Her writing career is quite interesting and inspiring.

Maralyn: Please introduce yourself and provide some background and how you started writing and why.

Jasmine: I’m originally from the Tampa, Florida area. While I was working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of South Florida, I also worked at a law firm. In the end, I didn’t end up working in psychology or law. Six months after I graduated, I made a completely radical lifestyle choice and traded my worldly possessions for a backpack and a plane ticket. I’ve been traveling around the world for the past four years.

My writing journey began on my travel blog, Jasmine Wanders. I enjoyed writing about my travel experiences so much, that I started thinking of travel writing as a career path and haven’t looked back since.

Maralyn: Is all your writing about travel?

Jasmine: Most of my writing revolves around travel. I especially like writing narrative essays.

Maralyn: What can you share with others as to important tips or suggestions for other writers on finding outlets for articles?

Jasmine: Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me, and through it, I have gained a lot of valuable exposure to the travel industry. I was already familiar with many of the major and minor outlets in the field, what they publish and don’t publish, and the style of writing they’re looking for before I started pitching. In other words, research is critical.

Maralyn: Have you learned any inside tips along the way you could recommend to writers starting out?

Jasmine: For writers starting out, I would say read the publication you plan to pitch first, and if an editor has established guidelines regarding how to send and pitch articles, follow their directions carefully.

Maralyn: Who are your favorite authors and what is it that draws you to them?



Jasmine: One of my all-time favorite authors is Richard Bach. He writes simply, but his ideas exist on so many levels that every time I re-read one of his books, I’m left with a different, deeper understanding of it.

Maralyn: Are you on Twitter? If so, do you find it effective?

Jasmine: Twitter is the best place to connect with people in my field. Where else can you see what fellow bloggers, writers, editors, and magazines are talking about? It’s also a great way to start a conversation with someone you haven’t met before but you’d like to meet. It’s such a valuable resource.
Maralyn: Where can readers learn more about you?

Jasmine: I’d love for you to join me on my travel blog, Jasmine Wanders, on Facebook, and Twitter.
Thank you Jasmine, I believe you will inspire many younger writers. I strongly believe writers can follow their dream, if they use good business sense.

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