This was published on Shelf  Awareness. Since we thought it interesting, we are sharing. Surveys Readers recently completed its biennial survey of 3,400 readers, including members (20%), newsletter subscribers (60%) and “organic visitors” (20%). Respondents were predominantly female, most over 35 years old and with above average education (75% have a bachelors degree, 40% have a masters or higher). Some highlights from the survey:Reading Habits

  • Respondents split equally between those who read e-books at least sometimes, and those who rarely or never do. Over two-thirds still read print frequently.
  • About half of those who read electronically own a Kindle. Tablets are the next most popular, followed by the Nook.

Buying Habits

  • 90% buy at least one book each month, with 54% buying 3-plus, 27% buying 6-plus.
  • Frequency of visits to bookstores online, and libraries both online and in person, remains unchanged versus 2009; but the percentage saying they visit a store in person less than once a month has risen 5% to 24% since 2007.

Talking About Books

  • 67% recommend three or more books each month.
  • More than 30% write reviews or blog, most for fun, some for a living.
  • 8% are librarians or booksellers (and a further 8% volunteer in the library).

Book Clubs

  • Online book clubs are growing in popularity but in-person book clubs dominate.
  • Two-thirds of book clubs plan their reading 2-3 months in advance or less.
  • Overall, book clubs skew towards newer fiction but most read a wide range.
  • Two-thirds wait for a less expensive format to become available.
  • 85% say they read books by local authors at least occasionally.
  • Very few book clubs feel they must have a reading guide, but most appreciate them.


  • 65% regularly use social networking sites, ranging from 95% penetration among 18-34 year olds, to 37% for those aged over 75.
  • Facebook dominates, followed by GoodReads. LibraryThing and Shelfari trail.
  • Even though two-thirds use social networking, only 25% use it to keep up with websites. E-mail remains the preferred vehicle to stay in touch.
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