How do you market yourself or your book online with results. It is a daunting task.

I’ve finally found a firm I can recommend that comes through with terrific results at a fair price for services.

I’ve been so impressed with what this site has to offer authors of literature and hospitality or destination professionals, I wanted to share the information so you can judge for yourself.

Many authors and hospitality partners cannot keep up with social networking to market their business effectively. MBMA does it in a cost effective manner I wanted to share. They are also willing to work through PR companies.

If you determine it is appropriate for you, please call to have questions answered, and mention you heard about it from me. They can explain the details better than I can. I came across this site as I’ve had numerous articles placed on it.

Literature … Wine … Travel … Beauty …

Announcing three new publicity campaigns designed and implemented by seasoned marketing professionals.  Expansive, innovative, effective …and affordable!


A. Publicity Campaigns for Niche Markets – Literature, Wine, Travel & Beauty

Hand crafted campaigns to promote your company, products, and services – created by real people – utilizing Google Gadgets and Maps, websites and blogs, social media, forums and directories, newsletters and an amazing online magazine.

More information:

Phone (206) 274-8054 (USA), or email

B. Map-based Publicity Campaigns – Tour Companies stands at the head of a 50-website collection dedicated to promoting the best tours worldwide. Using a map-based directory, each niche site shows the basic information about the tours. But, beyond the map is an expansive promotional vehicle utilizing the best internet tools: articles, blogs, Google Gadget listings, press releases, Facebook pages, Tweets, and more.

Tours available now: Yoga, Spa, Wine, Culinary, Cultural, Spiritual.

Example site:

Example map:



For more information, please phone (206) 274-8054 (USA), or



C. Map-based Publicity Campaigns – Wine Industry


Designed for: Wine Professionals, Wineries, Appellations, Schools, Wine Museums, Events, Festivals, Tradeshows, and Great Wine Restaurants.

Promote your wine-focused business to a passionate, opinionated, sophisticated audience with great taste.  The Oenologist campaign is your host. By adding your wine company to and sites, you will reach greater visibility through the most up-to-date media channels.   Each activity stream is executed systematically to ensure smart SEO and indexing.  Affordable, effective, and long-lasting.

More information: Phone (206) 274-8054 (USA), or email

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