Now many of you who follow our Where And What in the World blog, know that we have Inka as a guest blogger on occasion. She discovers historic stories about various food dishes that are delightful.

We have also featured Inka’s profile on this blog as well as a book review.

Well, my good friend and nomad, who is always on the move, has come up with a bright idea. She is starting a blog called Glamour Granny Travels.

I don’t know about everyone, but I know there are a lot of grandmothers who enjoy traveling or want to start. I think it’s great, as you are never to old to start.

I’m not sure how glamourous we all are, but we sure can enjoy glamourous travels and deserve the pleasure. I do qualify as a traveling granny.

In any case, I encourage to check out Inka’s blog. You may get some bright ideas, or live through her experiences vicariously. What I do know is that you will certainly enjoy her posts.

My own travel pace is quite heavy, but I think Inka out does me and is more adventurous. In any case, I always enjoy reading her latest adventures.

You don’t have to be a granny to enjoy. But discover what women over 50 like. Whether male or female, you’ll find this fun.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be interested in your feedback and I know she also will be wanting feedback. On some of her posts, ask her some questions. I’d encourage you to ask her if she has ever experienced some place you’ve thought about. Chances are, she may have or will put it on her list.

Since Inka spends six months in the U.S. and six months throughout Europe and the Middle East, she is a wealth of knowledge.


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