Pros of POD

Cons of POD

Quick publishing–usually 60-120 days.

Minimal marketing & distribution.

POD publishers generally let you have more control over your manuscript–title, layout, formatting, etc.

Discounts are usually 30 to 40% and bookstores expect at least 40%.

No query letters.

Most do not accept returns (but some do).

No search for agent.

Higher retail prices.

Low start up costs from $300 to $1,000 (We budget $1,500 to allow for extras).

In general, book stores do not like dealing with POD’s. It is difficult to get shelf placement.

No rejection letters, and both agents and traditional publishers may pick up successful POD books.

Must work hard to find someone reputable to review your book.

Ideal if you are giving seminars as you make the 40% plus royalty.

You need to be a great editor or hire one.

Allows you to publish reasonably even if for a limited audience.

You need to take care in formatting–you get what you submit.

Many POD publishers have marketing packages for purchase.

You need to proofread the proof copy–switching from your program to a digital program can cause changes.

You book will not go out of print.

Be willing to market your book and make a plan. You book will not sell without marketing.

Good for specialized markets.

POD Stigma (slowly diminishing).

You can be published. You can be an author.

Maralyn D. Hill & Brenda C. Hill
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