The following excerpt is from Success, Your Path to a Successful Book by Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill.

Understanding Your Target Market & Sale of Books

You want to be sure you are listed with as many on line book stores as possible. Find out where your publisher will list your book, and then search the others to list yourself.

We strongly encourage you to check out This is a site created by The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. It says: “Nothing Binding can… be a voice for independent publishing. The name alone signifies a non-alliance with any publisher or printer. A social networking website that allows authors free placement of their books with links to outside sources is a perfect way for authors to separate themselves from the traditional world of big publishing…”

We recently discovered this site and will be posting our books on it. They review your books free. Nothing Binding has the ability to conduct a telephone interview to give you an audio clip. This clip can be attached to your website as well as Nothing Binding’s and other websites. Jerry D. Simmons, who is responsible for the site, is a former publishing executive with over 25 years between Random House and the former Time Warner Book group (now known as Hachette Book Group U.S.A.). Jerry also founded

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