Tips we have learned from writers’ workshops in order to prepare for the workshop, editor or publisher:

• Are you writing in the first or third person? The present or past tense? Whichever you choose, stick it to it like Krazy Glue.

• Tempting as it is, refrain from editing your own work… at least until the first draft is complete.

• Show one or two chapters and the synopsis to an EDITOR. Resist the urge to let your family or friends read it until it is published. This is difficult. You may have one or two read it, but once editing starts, keep it to yourself and your editor. Reading parts in a writers’ group is fine for feedback.

• Even if writing a book is not your only job, it is a vital priority, not an afterthought. Be willing to commit, before you begin the project.

Maralyn D. Hill
Books By Hills