As you gaze at this photo, notice what is on top and the bottom. Two words, not as difficult as some.

When looking at these posts, I can see the answer too quickly. So, I’ve decided to include a writing tip with them so the answer does not pop at you before you think about the photo.

The photos I’m using the next few weeks are from Worth 1000. If you visit the Worth 1000 site, their photography is wonderful.

The July, 2008 issue of “The Writer,” has a terrific review by Chuck Leddy, “Basics of Word Usage.” This is based on Mary Embree’s “Birds and Bees of Words: A Guide to the Most Common Errors in Usage, Spelling and Grammar.” Leddy says the book goes into the ever changing rules. Amazon also has some good reviews on this book. This is another book for us to read and devour and add to our library. Since Norm and I edit for others, the changing rules sometimes drive us nuts.

This same July issue also covered writing for Internet markets on page 46. You won’t earn a fortune, but you can earn a steady income. A lot depends on the quality of your writing and who you contact.

Print pays more, but frequently takes months and months to pay.

O.K. now comes the creative photo answer: Egg Plant.

As always, Brenda and I both welcome your comments. Have a great week.

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