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Leaps of Faith

Originally published on by Sonja Hegman Publishing a book is terrifying. With memoir, one worries what their loved ones will think of them. With career/business books, one worries that people will call them a quack, a hack, a dumbass. With fiction, well, there’s a lot with fiction. You get the point. This week’s topic is inspired by ongoing conversations I’ve had with an authors-to-be. They worry that they’re jumping in too fast to publishing. They aren’t. Many of them have been writing or thinking of writing their books for YEARS. Much the way it’s tough to see your...

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Developing Your Author Platform

Originally published on by Sonja Hegman Your author platform is the single most important thing you can create for yourself. And I’m not kidding when I write this: You must start promoting at least a year ahead of your book’s release. This might sound ridiculous, but starting the buzz early will give you a better shot of getting onto best seller lists in your opening week. What is an author platform? It’s that thing you create to generate buzz for you and your awesome book. Much like a brand, it takes time to build up that buzz. Think...

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