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Tips – Susan Haley on Networking

Susan Haley is a long time, dear friend. I love her novel, Rainy Day People. Susan also writes about the power of networking in John Harnish’s book, My Book’s Published What Now??? from Infinity Publishing. Susan’s philosophy in writing and in life is that what you put out comes back to you. “The more you apply these, simple yet basic principles, the more expertise you will develop in the art of networking, which is the forerunner of good marketing.” She concludes with, “This art is quite similar to living our lives. If you happen to come across an opportunity, share it with your fellow writers. You will be rewarded in that people will want to share with you as well.” Susan also makes the time to be the leader of the Florida Writers Association in Sarasota County. Brenda C. HillBooks By Hills$uccess Blog Where & What in the World...

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Tips- from John Jakes

John Jakes… He authored “Charlseton” and “The Gods of Newport” among many other successful books also wrote about about writing over 30 years ago in The Writer. His words ring especially true today. “We live in an age of instant gratification. You won’t get it in writing…except for the joy of writing itself.” Brenda C. HillBooks By HillsWhere & What in the World Blog$uccess...

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Writing Tips: Learning and Stretching

I read our entire book called $uccess, Your Path to a Successful Book all over again when I received my published copy 3 days ago. Instead of reading like a writer or editor, I read it like a consumer, hoping not to find any errors. Instead, I only wished I had added more. The Hill team learns something new every day. We practice what we advise. See chapter IV, the Hill Team Hints… “Keep learning”… We all attended writer’s workshops, in Las Vegas and Mexico, recently, and will be conducting new classes (memoirs and fiction) next week. The tip I am adding is to stretch. It would have been easier to write a book that is comfortable for us–chefs, food, travel. Instead, we took the advise of a mentor and friends and upped our learning curve. This new writing venture has led back, or rather forward, to many more food and wine endeavors, a television appearance and teaching and travel opportunities. At Rancho La Puerta, I re-learned to stretch my body and my mind. After stretching and hiking up a (small) mountain, I ate organic food straight from the garden, even garlic! Then, I participated in a class on a subject that was completely new and different, a stretching experience. Brenda C. HillBooks By HillsWhere & What in the World Blog$uccess...

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Writing Tip from Duke University

Maralyn and I love this writing tip from the May Body and Soul publication. (Yes, another one of Martha’s successes). We wish we had found it in time to include in our new book, $uccess, to be published in August 2008. Even though this journaling article pertains to weight loss,it is applicable to journaling in general. Maralyn is intimately familiar with the success of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program. Shasha Long, a psychotherapist at Duke, reports that writing can help with both intention and monitoring of weight loss. Celina Ottaway writes about Sasha’s advice for conscious eating and effective, lasting weight loss. “Ditch the scale and grab a pencil and paper instead.” Celina explains what many of us know for sure about the positive power of journaling. Whether you keep a food log, or record your commitment to healthy eating, putting pen to paper can be a valuable tool in the difficult journey to weight loss…and keeping your commitment. Keeping a commitment to your writing is the same. Brenda C. HillBooks By HillsSuccess BlogWhere & What in the World...

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