The day I left my U.S. Home on January 1, it was 28 degrees. Arriving in a rustic, Mexican seaside village for a month was a dream realized. I chose two beach reads, as I headed for a remote sun-drenched stretch of sand. My first choice was a newly released book, Dreams, Goals and Adventure, by Michael Ditton.

Dreams Goals & Adventures

Dreams Goals & Adventure

I immediately related to the book cover of a little red wagon. I too, had a red wagon as a child. I remember dragging my little treasures along behind me. Having spent most of my adult life moving from here to there, with too many possession for my wagon, drew me Michael’s story.

After Michael returned from Desert Storm, it was a low point in his life. He was broke, jobless, and his marriage had crumbled. However he re-discovered a way to set and follow goals that had worked for him since childhood. A few of his measurable goals are: How to live life as an adventure, eliminate the word can’t, set and reach small steps to spring forward from failure. It took many years and hard work, yet Michael achieved his goal to live his dream life as a successful author in a life style he could only imagine.

Michael recently presented a workshop on goal setting at the La Cruz Writers Group near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In October he begins his month long California coast book tour sponsored by his publisher, Balboa Press. Michael’s book is a practical guide for writers and anyone who is motivated to change their life in a positive way. However,Dreams, Goals and Adventure is more. It is a love story. You can find Dreams, Goals, and Adventure on Amazon.

My next post will be an interview with Michael, where you can learn the story behind his book.

The next book I read, cover to cover without stopping, had a similar beginning to Michael’s low point in life.

I have always enjoyed Jimmy Buffet, his songs and his books. I was fortunate to meet him at the real Cheeseburger in Paradise. (Jimmy Buffet and his famous cheeseburger is featured in the Hill team’s first co-authored book-Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel.)

I'm going to live life like Jimmy Buffet

I’m going to live life like a  Jimmy Buffet Song

When I spotted the cover of a remote, sugar white sand beach with turquoise water, I related to the words…I’m gonna live my life like a Jimmy buffet song, I grabbed a margarita, found a spot under a shady coconut palm tree, and laughed my way through Anthony Bjokland’s first book.

Similar to Michael Ditton, the author was at a low point in his life. He felt useless and hopeless. Although he had a little money saved, it was dwindling fast. His marriage was crumbling, he hated his job and dreaded the long winters in the frozen north. Anthony writes with pathos and humor about capturing his dreams in New Orleans, the Caribbean and finally, the Florida Keys, where I once lived. Anthony’s new life differs from Michael’s. Yet, they both published successful books about opening up to adventure. I suspect I will find Anthony still in Key West, maybe enjoying a cold beer at Captain Tony’s, when I return in April.


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