Media Bistro is a must read in my email. It keeps me up-to-date and offers great suggestions. This topic crosses all industries, but appropriate. You can read the entire article here in detail. I’ve just listed the topics of each point. I highly recommend the article. I’m always looking for new opportunites for writing outlets. Many of these topics with the descriptions shown in the article are true. I know them and have known them, but it is always good to have a reminder. It seems when you are rushing out the door, you tend to forget one or two.

These big blunders could be the reason you didn’t get the job:

1. Be clueless about the company.

2. Talk too soon about money.

3. Be late, or worse, too early.

4. Forget copies of your resume.

5. Trash a previous employer.

6. Lack enthusiasm.

7. Not prepare questions in advance.

8. Talk too much.

9. Leave your cell phone on.

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