Have you ever landed on a non profit website or a business website and instantly wanted to learn more? You are called to look further into it, you are just curious. Well, there is a science behind this and the web designer probably understood the 4 basic rules of website layout.

Simply placing colorfull or attractive images on your website is not enough, you need to consider the impact each image may have. David Ogilvy, a legendary advertising guru, did an in depth study on the subject and came back with some surprising facts. His study wasn’t on web design but rather on print advertising but the exact same rules apply here.

Here is what he discovered:

  1. Main image placement matters
    When looking at a page, the process involves a very specific order. We first look at the main image, then we scan for the headline, then we read the body (only if the headline is interesting)
  2. Caption get read 4 times more than the copy
    Yes, 4 times more, this is nothing to sneeze at. Not using a caption or not using them correctly would mean missing out on engaging your reader to keep reading and learn more.

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