The following offering is from Paul J. Krumpin. This is a great opportunity.

Times are tough and in the spirit of the season, I’m going to offer a
special new “whatever you can afford” publicity outreach option.

You name your budget and I’ll advise you, work with you, and still do the
maximum custom targeted outreach I can possibly do.

If you create a draft news release using examples of successful news
releases and my 3 I technique (Identify a Success, Imitate it, Innovate with
Your Own Information), you can reduce or even eliminate the copywriting and
we’ll devote your budget to the maximum number of media on your custom
targeted list.

You send me a copy of the book or a pdf file and I’ll send you a pdf file
filled with several examples of successful news releases in your genre.
Then you create a draft that contains all the elements of the examples you
see. You will also receive guidance and a copy of my book so you’ll learn a
lot along the way.

You’ll also need to send me a book cover jpeg and an author photo and short
bio since we transmit using email html.   One link goes back to your

We’ll calculate how many media at roughly 10 cents per media, so 1,000 media
will cost $100.

We can aim at book reviewers, the right media by subject, localize for an
event or local feature story, or talk shows on radio or TV.  It’s up to you.

You decide and I’ll match your budget and give you the maximum custom
targeted outreach that can be done for whatever you can afford.

Gift certificates available for Christmas!  Perfect gift for the newly
published author.

Send me an email if you’d like more information!  Brief me in and let me
give you some new ideas on how to help get you publicity anytime.

My goal is that you’ll be surprised and happy with whatever you choose.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Paul J. Krupin, Direct Contact PR
Reach the Right Media in the Right Market with the Right Message