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Brenda, Norm, and I have all heard Dan Poynter speak as we took part in a writers conference with him in Santa Barbara and Pennsylvania. We were also fortunate to have him endorse our book on the back cover, Success, Your Path to a Successful Book. I cannot think of anyone who has book marketing for self-published and traditionally published authors down to a science better than Dan. That is why, I’m sharing the opportunity below–not for a commission, or any remuneration, just because he is GREAT.

I receive many requests as to promoting and marketing. Most authors are charting unfamiliar territory and many cannot afford publicists. Even with publicists, you still need to market yourself. I feel I know a lot, but it is miniscule compared to what you can learn from Dan.

Discover the Secrets of Book Promotion with Personal Guidance and Proven, Weekly Learning Opportunities.

Dan Poynter’s Para Promotion Program celebrates books and honors authors by bringing public attention to your books.

The Para Promotion Program is a series of book promotion projects the author can accomplish without leaving home. The weekly assignments show
the author what to do to reach his or her target audience.

For both fiction and nonfiction, there are readers who are as fascinated about your subject/category as you are. This program shows you how to find
them—all over the world.

Each week, authors receive a book promotion assignment from Dan Poynter.


Each of the 42 book-promotion projects takes the author anywhere from five to 120 minutes to complete. The program not only shows the author how to promote his or her current book, it is a crash course in book promotion that can be applied to future books.

This program does not recite traditional book promotion. It is guided by Dan Poynter’s exciting, proven program of the future.

Meanwhile, Program PR expert Barbara Gaughen is spinning her electronic Rolodex to get notice for your books. Gaughen (“gone”) has been in the
public relations business for decades and she focuses on books.

Dan Poynter’s Para Promotion Program is not an overwhelming list of projects for authors; it is a collection of individual lessons with full
instructions and personal guidance by successful industry experts.

And there is an added bonus: authors who understand how to reach their audience tend to write books their readers want. They begin to understand
who their readers are, what their readers want, and how to reach their buyers. The Para Promotion program makes authors more successful.

Authors of one or more books may sign up for $497.
Publishers may sign up several of their authors for just $397 each.
That’s less than $12 a week to reach your buyers.

Dan Poynter has been in the book publishing business since 1969 and has written more than 125 books. He is often referred to as a “book futurist.”

The Para Promotion Program debuts on November 1, 2011, may be started at any time—and runs for 42 weeks.

For details, see: http://parapromotion.com and begin your book promotion today.

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Finalist in the Writing and Publishing category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, “$uccess, Your Path to a Successful Book,”