I found this quotation on Shelf Awareness and it resonates.

“I am not a Luddite (she said, somewhat defensively), and I do not oppose all change simply because it is change…. Here’s my bottom line: There’s no way to avoid using energy either to print books or manufacture e-readers, to transport books or to transport e-readers, and disposal issues crop up in both cases, as well, so why would I elect to read in a format that requires additional inputs of energy? Why not just take my book out under a tree or to the beach or read it on the front porch or under the lamp that’s turned on in the winter evening, anyway, so I won’t be tripping over my dog when I get up from my chair to go to bed?

“It will be a while before all the dust from the new e-reader revolution settles, and the final settling may not come in my lifetime. Meanwhile, I’m watching the dust storm with interest and sticking with my old-fashioned books. As the Water Rat said of his old riverbank: ‘It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.’ ”

–Pamela Grath, owner of Dog Ears Books, Northport, Mich., on her Books in Northport blog

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