The author we are going to meet today is Mark Stephen Levy. After reading his website, I was intrigued and looked forward to an interview with him. As someone born to travel and tell the tale, Mark obviously caught the travel bug and followed his dream.

Maralyn: Please introduce yourself and provide some background.

Mark: I had been working in technology sales but the lure to travel became too much to ignore and decided to go for it. I quit my job, subleased my apartment and bought a round-the-world airline ticket from the US to Europe to Asia including India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Burma, Thailand, & Bali.

Maralyn: What is your most recent book and a little about it?

Mark: “Overland” is the name of my first book. It is a fictional tale loosely based on my own travels. It’s about a guy, Danny, who is just finishing med school and finds out his girlfriend Heather who he wanted to marry. She writes him a Dear John letter telling him she does not want to get married and instead has gone extreme traveling by taking a Magic Bus overland from London to Kathmandu, Nepal. He decides to go after her.

Maralyn: What can you share with others as to important tips or suggestions for other writers on writing and publishing?

Mark: Make sure you get the book professionally edited. A fresh pair of eyes is mandatory, and I found out the beginners way. I had it published and found lots of mistakes even though “I thought” it was ready to go.

Maralyn: Did you have something specific that inspired you to write this book?

Mark: Traveling has major impact on a person, as did my trip …it was very spiritual and hugely, culturally stimulating. Just a learning experience beyond anything I’ve ever done…. and it left its mark, its impression, every experience, wherever I went and who I met. Years later, a storyline emerged in a dream. I found a way to take my experiences and adventures and spin them into a sweeping tale of love and following your heart.

Maralyn: Have you also added an e-book or CD?

Mark: It is available on Kindle, Nook, IPAD, etc.

Maralyn: Have you learned anything from writing this book?

Mark: Yes, that I must write, greatest form of storytelling, cathartic release and self expression, no matter what it is.

Maralyn: Are you working on another book and would you be willing to share a little about it?

Mark: Good question. “Overland” is a re-release as I originally had it published last year. I am re-releasing it now with an added storyline that I was going to and will use for the sequel. Yes, I would love to work on the sequel and that is the plan, and ultimate goal is to see this story on the big screen, where it would play out just fantastically!

Maralyn: What has been your biggest Ahha moment/s as a writer?

Mark: That I can write!

Maralyn: Where can readers learn more about your book?

Mark: I’m all over the social network, as anyone should be, just one bit global cyber village.

My website is:

My blog is:

Twitter: @therealmarklevy


Thank you Mark for taking the time to be interviewed. I wish you much success with “Overland,” and look forward to reading it.

If any authors or writers would like to be interviewed, please contact me.

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