I recently read Steve Harrison’s comment in Reporter Connection. I agree with him. I also know people will only change and develop new habits if they want to do so. In other words, it is up to you.

Here is Steve Harrison’s quote.

Ever wish you were wired differently? More extroverted? More detail-oriented? More-organized? More confident?

Ironically, Sandra Zimmer, a public speaking expert, says introverts often make the best speakers. Why? Because they have the most passion and are uncomfortable unless they are authentically representing themselves. She says the best way for shy people to become powerful speakers is to tell stories that matter to them.

My point here is you can and must make your personality work for you…no excuses. This weekend, I’ll be watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament on ESPN. Each player is among the world’s best. They figured out how to make their own quirks, habits and personalities work FOR them not against them. Remember, champions don’t make excuses. They just change their game…

~ Steve Harrison

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