Janice Waugh, aka Solotraveler is a new acquaintance. Like so many writers, she has followed her desire to keep traveling which has led her to a new career.

Maralyn: Please introduce yourself Provide some background, i.e.where are you from, how did you start writing, is there anything specifically interesting about you? If you had another career first, how/why did you switch to writing?

Janice: I have been a writer and avid traveler for over 20 years, but almost four years ago my husband passed away. Then, a year ago, in an effort to pull myself out of my funk and in realization that I would have to travel solo, I started the blog Solo Traveler. I’m based in Canada but my readers are all over the world.

Maralyn: What type of writing do you focus on, food, wine or travel or all three?

Janice: I write about the unique nature of solo travel. I offer tips, safety advice, destinations, stories and perspectives. I also have a short eBook that is free on my site called “Glad You’re Not Here: a solo traveler’s manifesto.”

Maralyn: What can you share with others as to important tips or suggestions for other writers on writing and finding outlets for articles?

Janice: There are dozens if not hundreds of opportunities to syndicate your writing on the web for free. The trick is to make a bit of money at it. Unlike travel writing where one is paid for the work specifically, travel blogging is more like a publishing business. You are responsible for editorial policies, research, writing the articles, promotions, advertising sales, and accounting…  The most important tip I can offer is to keep writing, publishing and connecting. Twitter was the most valuable tool for the start up of my blog. I met other bloggers there and promoted my posts there.

Maralyn: How did you get started writing and blogging?

Janice: I started writing out of necessity. I had to do it for my soul. And, because it is a passion, I have been able to sustain my enthusiasm despite very long work hours.

Maralyn: Did you have something specific that inspired you to write in this genre?

Janice: As described above, my life circumstance of being a widow inspired me to write about solo travel.
Maralyn: How often do you blog?

Janice: I publish 4 times per week, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The fact that I publish on specific days is important because readers know what and when to expect more stories from me.

Maralyn: What has been the most effective means of gaining traffic/followers?

Janice: Twitter was at first. Then Stumbleupon. Now Google drives the most traffic to my site.

Maralyn: Do you go to food, wine or tavel writers or blog conferences?

Janice: I’m speaking at The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando on September 12Janice: I’m speaking at The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando on September 12thth. I am also a co-founder of the . I am also a co-founder of the Global Bloggers NetworkGlobal Bloggers Network – an online resources for travel bloggers. – an online resources for travel bloggers.

Maralyn: What do you feel you gain the most from blogging?

Janice: I have found a network of colleagues with shared interests and outlook. I have never found that before. It’s fantastic.

Maralyn: What’s the most difficult part of your job?

Janice: There are too many things to do. I feel pulled in many directions and never feel that I have done enough.
Maralyn: Have you learned any inside tips along the way you could recommend to writers/bloggers starting out?

Janice: Hundreds. I offer them on a regular basis in the newsletter of the Global Bloggers Network. Sorry, I’m rushed and can’t attend to this at the moment.
Maralyn: Do you use social networking to promote your blog? If so, which ones work best for you?

Janice: Twitter. Facebook. Stumbleupon.

Maralyn: Have you considered writing a book? If so, could you tell us about the subject and any titles you may have already?

Janice: That’s in the future.Janice: That’s in the future.

Maralyn: Where can readers learn more about you?

Blog:Blog: http://solotravelerblog.com

Twitter: Twitter:  http://twitter.com/solotraveler/


Thank you Janice. In addition to providing an interesting interview, you have given our readers some wonderful insight into blogging. I know I’m going to check out Global Bloggers Network.


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