Any one who knows me or reads these posts regularly, also is aware that I strongly believe in the positive power of humor and creativity.

The Humor Project runs a conference called, “The Positive Power of Humor and Creativity.” The Humor Project was founded by Joel Goodman and Margie Ingram. I first met Joel when we were attending Creative Problem Solving in Buffalo, NY in the 80s. Later, I sporadically started attending his conferences when I needed a creativity fix. Margie, Joel’s wife, is the Conference Coordinator and what a great job she does.

In any case, this year’s line up is terrific: Jeff Zaslow, Co-author of The Last Lecture; Norman Cousins, LOL Award Legacy of Laughter; Matt Weinstein, “What Bernie Madoff Couldn’t Steal from Me;” Martha Bolton, Jest-selling author & Bob Hope staff writer; and David Roth, Conference troubadour, Master of music & Mirth.

I’m partial to David as one of the songs he wrote, “Don’t Should on Me, and I won’t Should on You,” is a favorite.

I mention this conference from June 11-13 because it is good, reasonable, and good for anyone. You see teachers, health care workers, clowns, FBI, CIA, business people, and just about anyone you can imagine or not imagine attending. Norm went with me two years, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you need a jump start or restart, this is the answer. You can find out more details at or call 518-587-8770.

I have a schedule conflict this year. If any of you attend, please let me know how you enjoyed the experience.

Laughter and Creativity Matter,

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