The following excerpt is from Success, Your Path to a Successful Book by Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill.

Understanding Your Target Market & Sale of Books

Start a blog, short for web log. Our webmaster, Timothy Lack, set up and

If you want to do it yourself, Google has a great video. We wanted a hosted blog,, rather than a public site. Http://,, and are also hosted blogs.

You can use public sites like, and Blogging is new for us, but we are committed. It’s proven to work. Learn about blogging and do it, not all day. Try to allow 15 to 30 minutes a day for blogging. It will help you sell your book. You do not start off with readers, they tend to build slowly.

Be sure your headings are specific.

Each entry is called a post and posts are listed with the latest one first. We found it a little scary to hit publish post even though we had previewed it first. What made the process easier was knowing we could still reread and edit. You can also save your post as a draft and publish later. Sometimes you may still make an error. Consider it a learning experience and move on.

This continues with our next post.

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