The Hill Team is fortunate to know author and reviewer Susan Haley. We were pleased when she reviewed “Till Death Do Us Part,” by David. A. Zurbriggen. Norm and I had edited this book and were more than pleased with Susan’s review of this true life experience. Thank you Susan.

Review for:
“Till Death Do Us Part”
David A. Zurbriggen

Having trod this road myself, I can attest to the courage, as well as the compassion, put forth by Mr. Zurbriggen in his new book, Til Death Do Us Part. This compelling story has a two-fold, an almost oxymoronic, affect on the reader. It is, at once, both heart-rending and uplifting. For me, also a writer, it brought forth both empathy and a joy at the power of writing to assist in the healing process.

With Cancer being one of the top two killers in our country today, the potential number of people that can be helped by the personal sharing of those who’ve gone through the ordeal is many. Often, stories of this nature are written by the survivor of the battles to offer inspiration and guidance for one making the trek. This story, however, comes from a different perspective with an even larger potential audience. It reveals the effects of this dread disease on the family unit, most especially the children and spouse. It goes beyond the diseased victim to the whole of those affected, and the process following the loss of a non-survivor. In this case, a devoted wife and mother of three daughters.

The author’s magnificent summation of the truths and realities of losing a loved one, and to the guidance actually given by the one lost to those left, lifts up both those having traveled the road and those that will someday find themselves about to embark on any journey that results in one going on and one remaining behind. I’d say that includes everyone living.

Susan Haley, Author

**Susan Haley is the published author of two books, several articles on networking, an award-winning poet, a contract copy editor and book reviewer for AME Marketing. She is a columnist for “The Florida Writer” the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association, and serves as Facilitator for the Sarasota County Chapter. The audio version of her novel “RAINY DAY PEOPLE” was awarded runner-up Finalist in the 2008 Indie Excellence National Book Awards. She also contributes a variety of editorials and excerpts of her work to various E-zines, newsletters, and local papers, and is currently working on her second novel “The House is Burning” and a third book coming out this fall from Infinity Publishing. Susan can be contacted at or

I hope you enjoyed Susan’s review. This book is perfect for any family you know dealing with a severe illness. You can purchase it on Amazon or from Buy Books on the Web.

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