Writing in Tandem – Part 5 – Excerpt from, Success, Your Path to a Successful Book
by Maralyn Hill and Brenda Hill.

We believe that picking a writing partner is not as easy as it may seem. You have to be able to discuss anything and everything and cannot take the other person’s difficulties personally. One of you needs to stay on track if the other gets off. It will be up to you to motivate, encourage, and support the other one. And, if this causes a delay, so be it. The end result is worth it.

Maralyn is the detail one and Brenda can work a conference or party and make contacts like no other.

Brenda says she could not have written a book without Maralyn.

Maralyn says she would not have written a book without Brenda.

We know we are strong together and continually like and appreciate what we have with each other. We consider ourselves a team that is a testimonial to writing in tandem.

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