The Hill Team, Brenda, Norm and I, were discussing the differences between autobiographies and memoirs. We each put in our thoughts and then we had Brenda research the old fashioned way, off the Internet.

She discovered they do differ according to some seasoned writers. Lou Willet Stanek, PHD and author of Writing Your Life, said, “The two methods are kissing cousins.” An autobiography covers the whole of life and generally requires dates and research. A memoir can be only one year, or one day, a snip it of memory. Amazon has some good reviews of Stanek’s book.

Everyone seems to agree that there is more editorial leeway with a memoir. We cover this in the “You Can Write a Book Successfully,” seminar we are giving June 16, and wanted to double check our own thoughts. Fortunately for us, what Brenda discovered with her research, agreed with what we had all thought to be true.

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